For Parents

As you know, a home is more than just an apartment. At Poplar Place Properties, we want to give your son or daughter the experience of living at home in a safe, comfortable environment. Experience Luxury Living in the Heart of the City!

Designed with the Highest Standards of Safety and Construction

  • 24-hour security monitoring
  • Ability to walk safely to campus and stop fighting for a parking spot and having to leave early for class.
  • No need for parking sticker and reduce driving risks
  • Project incorporated a civil engineer, architect and structural engineer along with professional interior designers.
  • Proud supporter and donor of Murray City Police.
  • Locally owned and managed.
  • Owner also owns Murray Construction, so any issues are dealt with immediately.

Ultra Energy Efficient

Built to the highest construction standards and all modern building codes with fire protection and safety in mind. Wall construction utilizes the Structurally Integrated Panel System (SIPS). This is an advanced construction method utilizing pre-engineered, ultra-energy efficient paneling system. The walls are a full 6 ½" thick with an R-26 value and minimum air infiltration.

Yes, there are cheaper ways to build, but these buildings were constructed with the environment and longevity in mind. We began building after researching for several years and finding less quality construction and riskier properties for the tenants. Our buildings are constructed to the highest standard … Why, Because we have children too.

  • Structurally, the walls compare to building with 2x10. Typical homes use 2x4 construction.
  • Panels are 50% more efficient than wood stud walls and 15 times more air tight.
  • Engineered to International Building Code.
  • Save up to 50% on energy costs.
  • Better indoor air quality.
  • Simply a better product!
  • Fire rated drywall used on the ceilings and between units as well as fire rated insulation.

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